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13 Golf Clubs

13 Golf Clubs is a Non-For-Profit that uses donations to gift brand new golf equipment and golf lessons to the underserved youth. This gives kids who love the game a real opportunity to reach their goals.


We are currently undergoing the process to become a 501c3 organization.

If you would like to support/donate text 13GOLFCLUBS to the number 29071. You will get a free text message to let you know when the donation/tax write off portal is open.

Thank you for the support, the best is yet to come.

program questions

What kids qualify for the program?

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We are seeking kids from underserved communities that have a love for the game of golf.

Do you have to have professional golf aspirations to be considered?

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No. While its great if a kid selected does want to peruse a professional playing career, we are also hoping to help kids that will one day use golf as a networking tool in their careers. We envision future CEO's of major corporations being apart of our program.

How do I apply?

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In your application packet please include, a letter written by the kid on why they love the game, a copy of their report card, and a letter from a parent, teacher, or mentor on why they should be selected into the program. Application packets should be mailed to 5126 Arbor Gates Dr. Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Does 13GolfClubs pay for travel expenses to tournaments?

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Our goal is to one day be able to cover and/or help with travel expenses for qualified players to major junior golf tournaments in an effort to ease the financial burden on parents. Being that we are new we are not quite at the level just yet to provide travel. We will be providing just new golf clubs for the 1st year.

Once chosen how do I receive my golf lessons?

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After chosen into the program the child can choose a PGA Professional in their area to work with. If taken on 13GolfClubs will send a check to the PGA Pro for a hour lesson once a month. This option will be available starting in 2023.

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